Thursday, October 2, 2008

View From The Church

Last night after church got out, Cameron headed outside while I was still inside talking with friends. Suddenly he came running back in and said, "Mom, you HAVE to come here!" So I followed him outside to the church parking lot where he pointed towards the moon and exclaimed, "LOOK AT THAT!"

Ahhhh, that's my boy!


Lana said...

WOW Erica that was a really pretty picture!

Dan said...

Great pic. So you have the whole family on the look out for photo ops! Very Cool

Tammy said...

Very nice! Mr. Mike came into the church to ask me if I had my camera but I didn't have time to go out and look at the sky he wanted me to see. Heather was going to, but got mad when I wouldn't let her use my new lens. Good thing I didn't or our posts would have been the same again. :0)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, its what we think of as "the little things" that remind us most that God is in charge! "Fingernail moons" have always been an awesome reminder of how much power He has, to put something so huge close enough to light up our nights, and yet so fay away as to NOT smash down on us and kill everybody.

What a mighty God we serve!

Mr Mike