Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunrise, Sunrise

Every morning on our way to school, I have this beaufitul view in my rearview mirror as I head over this one particular hill. This morning, we'd left a few minutes earlier than normal so despite my kids whines and complains, I pulled over for this shot. I'm so glad I did, too!


Larissa Pereira said...

Hi Erica!

It was so amazing read your comment in my blog.
I really didn't expected that!

It's amazing know you've listened good things about me from the team... they are amazing! they are in my heart forever! Specially because gave me the chance to have wonderfull moments with everyone! And because God could heal my life and speak to my heart so deeply!

I believe God'll permit us meet each other soon...

Thank you so much for the prayers!
God bless all!

Larissa Pereira

Red Eyes said...

Dear E,
I love the sunlight and this is such an amazing view. I love your blog although its my first time on here and I'm glad I found it! What words do you need to describe this picture? Hope you will find me through this trail.
My respects and compliments and I would like to return here as one of your regular readers.