Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He Must Not Have Internet...

When we went to the coast two weeks ago, I used a borrowed GPS system to guide me down there because my husband had our GPS system with him at camp. Well, the GPS system that we borrowed didn't work worth a HOOT! I ended up going WAY out of my way a couple of times before finally calling a friend to GUIDE ME TO back on track as I tried to find my way back on coarse.

BUT while taking a very long, stupid detour which led me way out into the boonies thanks to the incompetent GPS system, I passed this house. Of course I didn't realize what it was til I passed it, so I spun back around in laughter and showed the kids as I snapped a photo. Can you imagine?

Hey Mister! Try the Internet! You might have better luck!

1 comment:

Mr Mike said...

It wouldn't do him any good! I got the last good one from the internet, and that was almost 8 years ago!