Friday, November 7, 2008

We've Been "Flocked"

We arrived at work this morning to find an entire flock of Pink Flamingos out on our front lawn. Now being that I work at a "WaterPark" manufacturing company, the pink flamingos really seemed to fit in rather nicely. But as you can see by the sign, we'd been "FLOCKED".

It seems that these pink critters popped in as a fundraising event - and the only way to get rid of them is to buy "Flocking Insurance" for $35 which insures that they will not come back. OR you could pay $25 to have them shipped on to another unsuspecting victim and have THEM "Flocked". We chose to share the love and send them on to my boss's parents' house. Won't they be surprised to find a front yard full of pink flamingos when they awake tomorrow morning?! =0) {{snicker}}

But we sure thought it was a cute concept. Although we did think about just keeping them and putting them in our planters along the building and in our big sign out by the road. The planters have NO FLOWERS in them whatsoever, and a few bright pink flamingos might add just the right touch! But we were good and passed the flock on....

Flock on!

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