Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Signs Of Fall

Although the morning temperatures have definitely said loud and clear that FALL is in the air, the trees have taken a little longer to speak to us. Friday on my ride home from work, I noticed that the leaves on the trees out in our area are finally beginning to fade to fall colors. In South Texas, we don't get a lot of 'color' in the fall like in other parts of the country. But we do see a little bit. It won't be long now before the woods which surround our home will be nothing more than very bare, dead-looking trees. The winter months out here in the woods are so lifeless, dull and gloomy. We go from vibrant colors and lush 'woods' to gray... Simply put, just GRAY. The tree trunks look gray, the dead grass looks gray, the world out here - just seems gray. I guess that makes us appreciate the spring and summer months all the more. Thank God we live in Texas where we have 9 months of foliage and only 3 months without.

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Dan said...

Great Pic today, love the sky and the hint of color. You are right that we don't get much color around here in the fall. It seems to me that the trees just start to turn then the next morning I have a yard full of leaves!