Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strange Light

While out driving on my lunchbreak, I found this beautiful field of REALLY tall trees, and the way the sun shone through the treetops made me stop.

Well, when I got back home and started going through the pictures, I found this frame with the weird light in the bottom half of the picture. I'm sure it's just a glare off the lens or something, but I still found it interesting. I like the little rainbow umbrella that seems to float atop the light.

And here is that portion up close. I did not alter the picture in any way. You can click on it to see it full-sized.

I know: "just a glare" but a pretty one none-the-less!


Sherri Kaye said...

Very cool!

Janet said...

Wow! That's quite random! I wonder what it was ... ...