Saturday, January 3, 2009

Roadtrip - Pretty Pines

Jason and I took a 13-hour road trip alllllllll day Friday. Along the way, I of course was snapping pictures of different scenery that jumped out at me or caught my eye. Jason even pointed out a few spots here and there.

The roads in North Texas are lined with big, tall pine trees - nothing like what we have down here in South Texas. It did make for a beautiful drive.


washaw said...

In July we drove from Abilene to Memphis then on down to Lafayette through Mississippi. The trees were amazing, stunning.

Sherri Kaye said...

Congratulations on your new Canon. I have a Canon EOS Rebel XSI and I love it. I don't use it a whole lot for personal use, I use it more for our photo business. But, it is an awesome camera. I do get to play around with it personally every once in a while.